TOS Gallileo Shuttle TOS Gallileo Shuttle Shuttle Craft Framework - 1 The structure framework is made from .080 sheet styrene. The thickness of the ribs was based on the width of the pocket doors so they would have enough room to pull in and slide open. 23930904 Shuttle Craft Framework - 2 This is the basic framework for the interior. 23930905 Shuttle Craft Framework - 3 The ruler gives the scale of the build. Already the length measures 12" 23930906 Shuttle Craft Framework - 4 The interior is now paneled with .010 sheet styrene. 23930907 Shuttle Craft Framework - 5 Another view from the front. 23930908 Shuttle Craft Framework - 6 Here is a shot of the doorway. 23930909 Aft compartment - 1 The aft compartment was built basically on guesswork. No one knows what the arrangement was. But there was enough room to stow a body back there, so I took certain liberties. 23930910 Aft compartment - 2 Here's a top view. The floor panel is in place and you can get a better view of what the aft compartment might look like. 23930911 Aft compartment - 3 Sincere there is no screen shot of the Port side of the Aft compartment I decided here is where the space-toilet would go. In the upper right side of the compartment. I mean they drank coffee in a few episodes and nature does eventually call..... 23930912 Aft compartment - 4 I decided, and I know its not canon, that there would be a place to lay the body in the back, hence the shelf on the left hand side. 23930913 Aft compartment - 5 Here are some details I added on the forward aft wall. They will have some lighting effects added later. 23930920 Aft Enterior details - 1 I've added all of the main drive vents, which in this version act more like viewports. You can see the cavities for the aft access panels. 23930915 Aft Enterior details - 2 Here are the ports from the interior. 23930916 Front End Framework - 1 The basic framework for the front end is in place. 23930917 Front End Framework - 2 Here's a side shot. I've placed an AMT/ertl kit next to the scratchbuild to show difference in scale. 23930918 Front End Framework - 3 The interior panels have now been added. 23930919 Shuttle Bottom framwork - 1 Next I added the framework for the lower exterior skin. There is enough room to run wiring underneath here. 23930921 Painting the Ports - 1 Here is the mask to get the ports painted Flat Black. 23930922 Painting the Ports - 2 After painting and the masks are removed. 23930923 Painting the Shuttle Interior - 1 The color scheme is not much to ogle over but the first color for the interior was a natural wood brown for the upper and lower panels. The center panels were painted light gray. 23930924 Painting the Shuttle Interior - 2 Here is the final paint job. 23930925 Misc. Shuttle Details - 1 Most of the pieces here are for the interior. Some of them were just improvised because there were no clear shots of what they really looked like on VHS. I pulled the basic shapes from DW's shuttle prints. 23930926 Bucket Seats - 1 These were made from .080 sheet styrene. I made a cardboard stencil then traced the pattern on the styrene and cut them by hand. Next, with a paint stripper gun I headed the plastic then wrapped it around a spray paint can to make the curved shape. 23930927 Interior Details - 1 All of the wall details are painted and in place. I used a piece of black felt for the floor covering. Then all of the swivel seats were added. 23930928 Aft compartment cot? - 1 As a lark I added this cot in the back for those extra long journeys. 23930929 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 1 Here is the basic structure for the main shuttle controls. These panels will be lit later on in the build. 23930930 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 2 Here some of the panel faceplates have been painted and added. 23930931 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 3 More details and an astrogator panel was added. 23930932 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 4 This shows the throttle controls added. 23930933 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 5 Test fitting for the panel. 23930935 Shuttle Helm/Nav panel - 6 This is what the panel looks like through the shuttle access door. 23930936 Environmental Tanks - 1 These little hot dogs were made from PVC pipe with a wad of clay on the tops and bottoms. These were shaped to look like tanks. When the molding clay hardened I sanded them down to remove the seam lines. 23930934 Environmental Tanks - 2 This shows the tanks in place in the first aft compartment. 23930937 Front interior windows - 1 This was the first version of the viewports taken right off of Winfrey's prints. Later I changed the windows to make them equal in size and shape because I felt it matched TOS better. 23930938 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 1 These are the frames for the side wings and warp nacelle mounts. This was made in two pieces so I could run wiring through it. 23930939 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 2 Here you can see how the wiring runs down through the engine mount. I wanted to make the engine domes look like the warp effect on the Enterprise nacelles. 23930940 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 3 Here the Starboard engine mount is in place. 23930941 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 4 This shows the engine mount and wing framework being cemented in place. I've also added the rear landing pad. 23930942 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 5 The top sheath of the wing is now cemented in place concealing the wiring. 23930943 Warp Engine Mount Framework - 6 The same has been done with the starboard side framework. 23930944 Warp Nacelle Lighting effects - 1 Here is the main lighting board for the engines and some of the interior panel effects. Everything was bought at Radio Shack. No lighting effects kits were available back then. 23930945 Warp Nacelles - 1 The Nacelles where made from PVC pipe. Very difficult to cut out certain details with. 23930946 Warp Nacelles - 2 Here both nacelles are in place. The white ball on the Port engine is just a Styrofoam ball. The Starboard side will be added later. This model is now standing on it's landing pads. 23930947 Warp Nacelles - 3 The front domes I got out of a gumball machine. The ones that hold the little prizes. I sanded the interiors to frost the domes so the lighting effects would work. 23930948 Exterior Panels - 1 I started on the Starboard side because it needed the least amount of cutting and I wanted to see the skin on this model. 23930949 Exterior Panels - 2 Next the Port side and roof were added. and now I finally have something that resembles the Galileo. 23930950 Exterior Panels - 3 This was a moment in history for me. A completely scratch built large scale model made from Styrene. 23930951 Exterior Panels - 4 From the Starboard side front. 23930952 Exterior Panels - 5 And an aft view. 23930953 Painting the Exterior - 1 This is the mask for painting the bottom exterior. I used a Flat gray. This was the first time ever used an airbrush. 23930955 Painting the Exterior - 2 This is the final paint job. 23930956 Painting the Exterior - 3 Here's how it looks from the aft end. 23930957 Painting the Exterior - 4 Here you can see all of the rear details are in place. The masking is ready for the upper panel painting. 23930954 Painting the Exterior - 5 This shows the front end details. Note with the doors open. 23930958 Painting the Exterior - 6 With the doors closed. I know the upper color was way off. At the time I had one good reference pic and it was off of the VHS box. It had a slight blue hue to it so I matched the color to the box perfectly!Maybe someday I'll repaint the exterior. 23930959 Painting the Exterior - 7 Almost all of the registry markings were painted on using stencils and masking tape. It was a scary moment because I've never used friskette before. 23930960 FInished Model - 1 All of the painting is complete. The entire outside was sprayed in gloss cote to give the model a new car finish, but It only enhanced the blue paint used on the upper parts of the model. (Sigh) Oh, well..... live and learn. 23930961 FInished Model - 2 Since all of these pics were taken with film I took several shots. Not like digital where you can delete and re-shoot. 23930962 FInished Model - 3 Aft end paint details. 23930963 FInished Model - 4 Another show-off shot. 23930965 FInished Model - 5 The rarely seen Starboard side details. 23930966 FInished Model - 6 The aft end details. I took this shot to show that the model appears to taper in to the front. But it does not. 23930967 FInished Model - 7 Top view paint details 23930968 FInished Model - 8 View looking aft. 23930969 FInished Model - 9 View looking forward. 23930970 FInished Model - 10 Another view up a little higher. 23930971 FInished Model - 11 View of the underbelly. 23930972 FInished Model - 12 Comparison shot in scale with the AMT/ertl kit. 23930973 FInished Model - 13 These are the only decals used on this model. They are dry-transfers. The numbers used match the DW blueprints. 23930974 FInished Model - 14 Port side comparison shot. 23930975 FInished Model - 15 Top view comparison shot. 23930976 FInished Model - 16 Front view comparison shot. 23930977 Diorama Shot - 1 These shots were taken in the backyard when my house was being built. It looked like a desolate planet surface, so I used this for the backdrop. 23930978 Diorama Shot - 2 23930979 Diorama Shot - 3 This is my favorite shot. 23930980 Diorama Shot - 4 23930981 Diorama Shot - 5 23930982 Diorama Shot - 6 23930983 Diorama Shot - 7 23930984