DeBoers Enterprise (part 2) DeBoers Enterprise (part 2) Masking the Engineering Hull 001 To help opaque the hull from any light leaks I will use a silver tape on the inside and to ensure I don't miss anything I first spray the entire hull Flat Black. 148511364 Masking the Engineering Hull 002 To creat some of the Aztec details and also enhance and protect the scored or etched lines in the hull I next applied a medium neutral gray color using 2 parts Neutral Gray and One part Flat White. 148511367 Masking the Engineering Hull 003 Next I cut very thin (1mm) strips of painters tape and apply it to all of the grid and etched detailing lines cast into the hull. 148511363 Masking the Engineering Hull 004 The process takes about 4 to 6 hours per hull. Here is what the details look like from the top of the Engineering Hull. 148511370 Masking the Engineering Hull 005 This is what they look like from the bottom. This hull will be mounted from the bottom as you can see the armature hole on the left side of the pic. 148511371 Masking the Engineering Hull 006 The next few pics are closeup views of the ,asking detail. Here are the dorsal, torpedo, strongback and lower port side details. 148511366 Masking the Engineering Hull 007 This is some of the details from the front end of the dorsal and torpedo bay. You can see that the new travel pod hatch doors are now in place. 148511369 Masking the Engineering Hull 008 This is a top view of the aft section above the Hanger. 148511368 Masking the Engineering Hull 009 This is the bottom fantail of the Hanger. There are only a few details on the very bottom of the hull for ST:TMP version of the Enterprise. The rest will be the Aztec pattern. Here you can see the re-cast spot light piece in place. 148511374 Masking the Engineering Hull 010 This is the port side torpedo bay and lower engineering and botony sections. You can see the Rear of Deflector housing details. 148511372 Masking the Engineering Hull 011 And finally the bottom of the hull masking. This is one of the hulls for the Drydock versio I will be doing. You can see the 4 phaser turrets here and also a strobe housing that I re-cast from the Bridge piece. 148511375 Engineering Hull - Masking 012 Here are the masks for the second color for the engineering hull. Part of the strongback was masked to keep this current color permanently on there. 150915798 Engineering Hull - Masking 013 This view shows a lot of thin strip masking which can be viewed on the filming miniature. I am combining some of the close-up miniaure details on these versions. 150915800 Engineering Hull - Masking 014 A Slightly lower view of the hull. All three of these engineering pieces are masked off the exact same way. 150915799 Engineering Hull - Masking 015 The entire hull was sprayed with Light Gray MM - 1732. This includes the strong back. This will be the lightest color seen on the strong back. This is the 2nd of 4 shades to be added onto the Aztec detailing. 150915805 Engineering Hull - Masking 016 Much of this next masking reflects details seen mainly on the "Close-Up" miniature especially on the dorsal. 150915809 Engineering Hull - Masking 017 This is a slightly higher shot to show the top of the Torpedo bay details. As each color is added more and more of the ship will be covered with the tape. 150915802 Engineering Hull - Masking 018 This shows some of the masking done underneath the bottom part of the hull. As you can see there are a lot more masks for this particular color than with the first color. 150915810 Engineering Hull - Masking 019 And finally the bottom masking. I tried to keep in mind the subtle hints of the Aztec pattern that is mainly seen on the Primary Hull. 150915811 Engineering Hull - Masking 020 This time the color is 2 parts Light Gray MM - 1732 with 1 part Flat White MM - 1768. The tough part was making the port and starboard side details line up exactly. 150915812 Engineering Hull - Masking 021 This shot is a littl bit lower in position. You can see that even the strongback area has not been sprayed too much. This will help prevent too much paint build-up for when all of the masks are removed. 150915807 Engineering Hull - Masking 022 This shot is a little higher to see the torpedo area. 150915814 Engineering Hull - Masking 023 And finally the bottom. I should have the final masking and the final 2 shades added on by next update. Stay tuned. 150915815 Masking For Engineering Hull 024 This is the final mask for the last of the colors. The more masks I use the more I overlap the colors. This is the Starboard side. 153100514 Masking For Engineering Hull 025 Here is the top view. The strongback will be worked on as well. 153100515 Masking For Engineering Hull 026 Here is the bottom of the hull. More of the Aztec-like pattern is visible here. 153100516 Masking For Engineering Hull 027 Except for the strongback, all masks are now removed to reveal all of the detail work. As you can see the colors are very sharp at this point and they will now be softened by spraying a very diluted off-white over all of this work. 153100513 Masking For Engineering Hull 028 Here is what the lines and patterns look like on the dorsal. 153100517 Masking For Engineering Hull 029 Another view above the aft end. I tried to make all of the details down the spine as symmetrical as possible. 153100519 Masking For Engineering Hull 030 Here you can see the stronback is still masked awaiting its final colors. 153100520 Masking For Engineering Hull 031 This is the underneath of the fantail. I've begun the masking for the off-white overspray. 153100521 Masking For Engineering Hull 032 The reference pics I've seen show the bottom of the Hull to be slightly darker than the top part, So I've masked this part off so that I can spray the top have. The reverse masking will be done for the bottom hull color. 153100522 Masking For Engineering Hull 033 Now all of the masks are removed and this is how the upper part of the hull now looks. The bottom of the hull will be sprayed a slightly darker color (light gray) as per some of the reference pictures I have. 153100527 Masking For Engineering Hull 034 Here is how the dorsal stripes and Aztec detailing now look with the Off-white. 153100523 Masking For Engineering Hull 035 As mantioned in pic 9 everything that was sprayed Off-White before is now masked off so the bottom can be sprayed a very thinned out Light Gray. 153100518 Masking For Engineering Hull 036 The very aft of the ship also has a slightly different color than the rest of the hull. This will also be sprayed Light Gray. 153100524 Masking For Engineering Hull 037 This mask is for the spine of the Hull. this will also be sprayed Light Gray. 153100525 Masking For Engineering Hull 038 There are actually 2 masks here. One is for the Spine on the back of the dorsal and the other is for where the saucer connects to the sorsal. This will be sprayed Dark gray/Duck egg blue mix. 153100526 Masking For Engineering Hull 039 This mask is for the next color on the strongback 153324791 Masking For Engineering Hull 040 This masking is for the next shade of Duck egg blue on just a small area of the deflector housing. 153324792 Masking For Engineering Hull 041 And finally the masking for a small camouflage gray. 153324788 Masking For Engineering Hull 042 To make sure everything turned out okay I removed all of the maskings and put the engines and saucer on to check how the painting ligned up. 153324794 Masking For Engineering Hull 043 A closer view. The Blue jumps out at you, but it will be lightened by the next update. 153324798 Masking For Engineering Hull 044 Here is another view from the port rear. The Aztecing looks to be about right. 153324795 Masking For Engineering Hull 045 A view from the top of the strongback. 153324793 Masking For Engineering Hull 046 Closer in. 153324799 Masking For Engineering Hull 047 The next few shots are just of the model on the display stand. 153324790 Masking For Engineering Hull 048 As you can see the model is the width of the fireplace. A good size for sure! 153324789 Masking For Engineering Hull 049 One last pose! See you next month! 153324797 Enterprise Strongback Paint job 050 This is the final color for the strongback and deflector housing. Just some touch ups are needed and now I can add the decals and start on some of the interior work. 154891475 Enterprise Strongback Paint job 051 This shows a better view of the deflector housing. Don't worry about the gap there. This is just a test fitting shot. 154891478 Engineering Hull Decals 052 This pic shows the masking for the Glass coat that I will add to allow the Decal work to be done. All of the strongback areas have been masked off so they will remain Flat. 154891479 Dorsal Masking - Red Stripe/Strongback 053 I was all set to start decals on the secondary hull and I realized there was something missing and wrong with my strongback paintjob. I needed to add the red stripes on the dorsal near the top and I had to tone down the colors on the strongback for the ST:TMP lookl. 164256264 Dorsal Masking - Red Stripe/Strongback 054 In TMP the strongback details are there, but they are closer to being 2 or 3 shades of gray. The first paint job, seen in the last pic, was actually the 1701-A version. To tone the details down I lightly oversprayed the stronback section with a very thinned out light Neutral gray mix. 164256277 Dorsal Masking - Red Stripe/Strongback 055 This look is much closer to TMP look than before. After airbrushing this, I put 2 coats of gloss finish on the entire hull. It is now ready for the decals. These will be seen in the next update. 164256273 Dorsal Masking - Red Stripe/Strongback 056 Here you can see the strongbacks from the top. They look a lot better to me now. 164256275 The Bridge 057 Although there is not a lot of dark color on the bridge itself, There are still a few areas that can use this color. More of this piece will be masked off. I'll have more of this in the next update as well. 148511373 Strongback Reference pic. 058 Although this isn't the greates shot of the strongback, you can see the color scheme is more grayish. There is also a great shot of the Enterprise from underneath at the end of TMP as well as in TWOK after the Enterprise pulls away from Reliant. You can really see the detail a lot better in those shots. 164288861 The Bridge 059 Here is the back end of the bridge. You can see the new travel pod airlock doors in place here. 148511377 The Bridge 060 This is the underneath of the bridge. I filed down the areas where the flood lighting will go. A clear piece of resin will be added into these slots. You can also see what the clear resin doors look like from in here. The black hole is where the strobe will eventually be placed. More to come Next Month. 148512402 Main Deflector and Housing 061 This was also painted the Mediun Neutral gray color in preparation for the detailing work. I will have more masking pics of this piece in the next update. 148511376 Masking for Main Deflector Dish Housing 062 Here are all three of the Main Deflector Housing assemblies. The views are from the left piece - Bottom view, middle piece - Top view, and right piece Port side view of the masking for the 2nd color. 150915801 Masking for Main Deflector Dish Housing 063 These next few pics are close-up views of the housing mask. This is the top view of the housing piece. 150915803 Masking for Main Deflector Dish Housing 064 This is the bottom view. 150915797 Masking for Main Deflector Dish Housing 065 Here is the Port side view. The main masking is for the outlines and a few of the larger details. 150915804 Masking for Main Deflector Dish Housing 066 This is the next color that was added. It is simply Light Gray MM #1732. Although there will be very little of this color on this piece it is simply easier to paint the entire piece all at once. That way If I decide to add tinier details to this it will be easier to add the small masks at this point. 150915806 Main deflector housing Lighting 067 The main dish will be sandblasted on the inside to difuse the lighting effect. To get the lighting effect for the outside ring, I decided rather than try masking off the individual windows, I would just paint everything first, then lightly scrape off the paint in the areas I want the light to come through. 154891476 Main deflector housing Lighting 068 This dish is almost complete. Youcan see how well the light comes through this piece. 154891477 Main deflector housing Lighting 069 A closer view. I also scraped the paint off of the positioning thrusters for their lightin effect as well. 154891480 Deflector Dish Details 070 The same was true for the deflector dish housing. The colors needed to be toned down a bit for the ST: TMP look. So I needed to mask off parts of these pieces as well. These pieces were also lightly sprayed with a very thinned out light Neutral gray. 164256265 Deflector Dish Details 071 Here you can see the more toned down look. 164256280 Enterprise Outter Hatches 072 These are the Outter Hatches in the closed position. I had to make them from scratch using a thin Styrene plastic. The doors are taped shut from the inside to I can add the Aztec pattern to them. 156592735 Enterprise Thruster Effect 073 This pic shows the bridge in place and the 4 re-cast thruster pieces in place. The hull pieces will now be sanded down, wiped clean then primed for the Aztec pattern. 154891474 Lower Dome Lighting Effect 074 To prevent most light leaks, I ligned the outter edges of the lower dome with putty, then I tightened the nut to secure the piece in place, then I used 5 minute epoxy to hold the piece in place. It's a lot less messy to epoxy this piece from the inside of the hull. This proceedure was done on both the Reliant and Enterprise domes. 156592624 Lower Saucer Lighting Effect 075 Next I remove the cross-beam piece then cut the screw down as far as possible. This will make it easier to install the lighting effects later on. 156592620 Wiring Holes 076 Although there is a brass tube running up the dorsal of this model, there is no way to run wires up into the Saucer. This is the lower saucer. Using a mini Dremel grinding disc I cut a hole up to the metal plate on the inside of the hull. 156592736 Wiring Holes 077 This is the metal plate on the inside which helps support and secure the saucer to the Dorsal You can see where the two mounting screws will go. 156592737 Enterprise Warp Crystal Lighting Effect 078 This is the top of the Saucer where the impulse and Warp Crystal piece go. First I Outlined the piece onto the hull then use my Disc grinder to cut into the Hull. 156592738 Enterprise Warp Crystal Lighting Effect 079 This pic shows the cut into the hull on the inside. I also had to cut one of the tubes on the right to allow room for the crew rec deck piece. After I cut through the tube I just take a pair of pliers and twist the tube right off. 156592739 Warp Crystal Lighting Effect 080 Next I test fit the Engine/Crystal piece to make sure it lines up with the upper and lower saucer pieces. I then apply putty around the entire edge of the piece and press it into place. I flip the saucer over and 5 minute epoxy the piece in place. 156592742 Warp Crystal Lighting Effect 081 I putty around the entire outside of this piece. It is not contoured to the hull very well so a lot of putty is needed. This piece is only epoxied to the top of the sauce at this point. 156592741 Warp Crystal Lighting Effect 082 Next I mask off the Warp Crystal using the White Masking tape. The Impulse engine is also masked off and now ready for spraying. 156592740 Officer's Lounge Viewport Details 083 This is the only model of the three Enterprises that has the original resin frames in them. I had trouble with the other two so I had to scratch build the dividers. 156992110 Opaqueing the Saucer 084 If you enlarge this pic you can see I added new window frames to the officer's lounge before I sprayed all of this Flat Black. 156592734 Saucer Opaqueing and Aztecing 085 This pic shows the first color to be added which is Light Neutral Gray. 156992111 Saucer Opaqueing and Aztecing 086 This is a view from the top. I ran out of paint at this point, but you can see I just spray the next color right over the Flat Black. I have found that working from the darkest color to the lightest is the best way to approach this. 156992112 Saucer Opaqueing and Aztecing 087 This is one of the saucers that has the scratch build officer's lounge viewport. The warp crystal and impulse engines are now completely opaqued except where the crystal lighting effects come through. 156992113 Saucer Opaqueing and Aztecing 088 Here's a to view. I can now begin the Aztecing of the rest of the saucer. 156992114 Saucer Opaqueing and Aztecing 089 Here's is the bottom piece of the saucer. The hatches are now opaqued and they will have the Aztec pattern applied to them as well. 156992108 Upper Saucer Masking 090 In the last updated I put masking on the first base color which was Neutral Gray. I now sprayed the next color which is Light Gray. 164256263 Upper Saucer Masking 091 Next I remove all of the masks and this is what I'm left with. This color is of course too bold for the final finish so... 164256269 Upper Saucer Masking 092 I thin out the Light gray and lightly re spray over the Neutral gray leaving the finish looking like this. 164256268 Upper Saucer Masking 093 I now remove all of the remaining masking tape including the deflector shield grid lines. 164256274 Upper Saucer Masking 094 I've also removed the inpulse engine housing masks to add further details and this will be sprayed over with the next color to tone things down. The darker gray squares you see in the pic are the hull hatches. These will be lightened up, then decaled. 164256272 Upper Saucer Masking 095 Aah, here is that famous Aztec pattern. Each of these patterns were cut out one ring of grids at a time so I could focus on matching everything up perfectly for each ring. There are 6 rings of grid lines on each side and there are 3 saucers to do. 164256276 Upper Saucer Masking 096 Each ring takes about 1 hour to cut out and complete. Even if I were to use frisket it would still take about the same amount of time to do. Because not all of the grids are exactly the same size I can adjust the masks as needed doing each grid segment individually. 164256281 Upper Saucer Masking 097 Here are all three of the saucer tops. The Aztec parts are all finished. I just have to add more masks at the edges of the saucers and also by the bridge areas. Next months update will show this all finished. 164256282 Lower Saucer Masking 098 The same process is done for the lower saucer section. First the masks over the Neutral Gray. 164256266 Lower Saucer Masking 099 The piece is sprayed with Light Gray, then all of the masks are removed. 164256267 Lower Saucer Masking 100 Next the piece is re sprayed with thinned out Light gray. The masks around the lower saucer dome are removed. More detailing will be added before the next spraying. 164256270 Lower Saucer Masking 101 This pic shows more of the details after the masks have been removed. 164256271 Lower Saucer Masking 102 Time for the next masking details. 164256279 Lower Saucer Masking 103 After all 3 lower saucer pieces have these masks I can now start with the lower saucer Aztec pattern. One ring at a time. 164256278 Lower Saucer Masking 104 As of this update I have 4 of the 6 rings done on all 3 of the lower saucer section. I will have te next 2 rings and the rim of the saucers detailed and painted by the next update. 164256283 Misc Pieces 105 I also re-sprayed the torp launchers and Phaser cannons as well as the Airlock pieces Intermediate Blue. 164288859 Lower Saucer Aztec Pattern 106 I've also started the lower saucer Aztec pattern. By the next update I should have all three of the saucer assemblies painted. See you next update. 161616454 Lower Saucer Masking 107 Here I've finally finished masking the last 3 circle grids and have now added the outter rim masking. 166450396 Lower Saucer Masking 108 In addition there is also some extra masking done around the lower saucer dome. This is the rear of the dome. 166450397 Lower Saucer Masking 109 This is the front area. Note all of the extra little pieces of masking tape for some extra small details. 166450398 Lower Saucer Masking 110 Next I spray over all of the taped areas with Off White. The blue tape makes it easier to tell how even the coat of paint is. 166450399 Lower Saucer Painting 111 After this coat dries, all of the masking is removed. But it is still quite pronounced... so.... 166450400 Lower Saucer Painting 112 I added a very thinned out layer of Of White to soften the Aztec lines up a bit. I want a very sublte look of the Aztec pattern. This final coat BTW also hides any light scratches that may have occured when the masking tape is removed. 166450395 Lower Saucer Masking 113 Other areas that needed to be painted on: The lower saucer dome which is painted Aluminum, The phaser turrets and the Positioning thrusters which are painted Deep Yellow, and some of the saucer hatches which will be painted Light Gray. 166450401 Lower Saucer Decals 114 After all of the Air Brushing was finished I put 2 coats of Gloss Coat on all parts of the ship so they could be decaled. Here is the side saucer decal. 166450403 Lower Saucer Painting 115 Before I added the Loght Gray to the hatches, I had outlined the hatch doors with Neutral gray. The maskls were removed and the lines were painted over with Off White with the rest of the Saucer. 166450402 Lower Saucer Decals 116 The ships registry is now in place. Each of these number and letter decals were cut individually to eliminate the backing from in betweeneach piece. Using a reference picture of the studio model, I set all of these decals in place. 166450404 Lower Saucer Decals 117 A closer view showing the Registry as well as the now painted and outlined phaser turrets. 166450405 Lower Saucer Decals 118 Here's the head on shot. This shows part of the N and C over one of the outter hatch doors. I made sure the door was flush with the hull then I added the decals then sprayed the gloss coat on to seal everything then with a brand new Xacto blade I cut the decals at the edges of the doors. 166450526 Lower Saucer Decals 119 I only used one of these Hatch decals. This is for the diorama Enterprise. The other 2 models will be mounted to the drydocks so they werent necesary. 166450406 Upper Saucer Aztec Pattern 120 I've also started on the Enterprise Aztec Pattern for the Saucer. I saved the Enterprise details for last because the Aztec pattern is slightly different than Reliants. First is the darkest color which is Neutral Gray. 161616450 Upper Saucer Aztec Pattern 121 As with Reliant these masks will later be removed and then lightly sprayed with the next lightest color. They will be over-lapped in some areas to make different shades in the Aztec Pattern. 161616451 Upper Saucer Aztec Pattern 122 As of this posting 2 of the upper saucers have been masked and are ready for airbrushing. 161616452 Upper Saucer Aztec Pattern 123 Here are some of the details around the warp crystal housing, 161616453 Upper Saucer Masking 124 As with the lower dome, additional masking was dome around the bridge area. You can see the smaller detail masks around the entire bridge. 166450508 Upper Saucer Masking 125 Here is what the masks look like in the back by the officer's lounge. Everything is now ready for spraying on all 3 models. 166450509 Upper Saucer Painting 126 Again all of the tape is removed revealing the different colored patterns. 166450514 Upper Saucer Masking127 This pic shows the masks oversprayed with Off White. 166450510 Upper Saucer Painting 128 A wider shot shows the entire painted area. 166450512 Upper Saucer Painting 129 Here are the detailed areas around the impulse engine housing. 166450507 Upper Saucer Masking 130 After an additional thinned out coat of Off White is airbrushed on, I started the masking for some additional details. The phaser turrets: Deep yellow with Insignia Red outlines, The bridge dome: Aluminum, The Officer's lounge windows: Intermediate Blue and the areas around the brige to be sprayed Light Gray. 166450511 Upper Saucer Masking 131 This shows the masking over the Impulse engine housing. This will be painted Intermediate Blue. 166450515 Upper Saucer Masking 132 After those areas are painted and left to dry for 24 hrs I remasked these areas for the red lines that encercle the bridge area as well as the phaser turrets. No decals came for these areas so they all had to be sprayed on. 166450516 Upper Saucer Decals 133 These Decals were all cut individually from the main sheet as close to the print as possible. I always use a fresh Xacto blade when doing decal work like this. 166450520 Upper Saucer Decals 134 I now Christen Thee: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC - 1701. These decals are tricky. After I apply them all I then dp a light spritz of gloss coat on them then let that dry. The Spritz of gloss holds the decal in place until I put a full coat of gloss on to seal them permanently in place. 166450518 Upper Saucer Decals 135 In all I believe I counted 283 individual decals that needed to be put on all 3 Enterprise models! This includes the Engineering Hulls and the Nacells. 166450513 Upper Saucer Decals 136 Ecept for some minor details, all of the exterior work is basically completed. 166450517 Upper Saucer Decals 137 And one more shot from the front. I can now begin adding interiors and lighting and wiring. 166450519 Engineering Hull Phaser Turrets 138 As with the other turrets, there were no decals on the sheet for this, so I started with Deep Yellow, let dry for 24 hrs... 166450522 Engineering Hull Phaser Turrets 139 Then remask for the Red Outlines which were done with Insignia Red. After spraying, the masks can be removed right away. 166450521 Engineering Hull Phaser Turrets 140 And this is what everything looks like all together. 166450532 Hanger Bay Phaser Turret 141 The same process is done with the turrets over the hanger bay. Deep Yellow. 166450523 Hanger Bay Phaser Turret 142 Remask for Red outlines. 166450524 Hanger Bay Phaser Turret 143 And here is the finished product. 166450525 Engineering Hull Decals 144 These decals are very detailed. They are also on an extremely thin sheet. For some reason they tack some extra soaking to get them to come off their backing. For this stripe decal I cut as close to the print as I could. Then inched these off of their backing. 166450528 Engineering Hull Decals 145 For the POD hatch decals I just cut the outside edge of the prints on these and left the insides in tact. I soaked them, then slid the whole decal over the hatch area and made sure they were centered over the entrance. 166450529 Engineering Hull Decals 146 I then sprayed with gloss coat and let dry over night. Then with a sharp exacto I cut the inside film out and the red ring decals look perfect. 166450530 Engineering Hull Decals 147 The fantail also recieves its Name. 166450527 Hanger Doors 148 Yes, I didn't forget about these. These are the Hanger Doors that can be put on and taken off of the finished models. Obviousley they are the closed position ones. I will be scratch building the open position ones. There will be variances in the colors on these pieces as well. First there will be the Neutral Gray, then other shades Later on. 166677836 Hanger Deck Replacement 149 This pic shows the deck portion of the hanger. As you can see the piece has warped over time in storage. Unfortunately all 3 of these will need to be replaced. Bummer. 168446102 Hanger Deck Replacement 150 From this angle you can see how far the deck piece has warped upward. This unfortunately will never fit into the secondary hull. The resin that I used was not of good quality. So I will replace this piece with a piece of Plexi-glass which is what I originally wanted to use but thought it wouldn't hold the paint. 168446208 Hanger Deck Replacement 151 So I retraced the deck piece and cut it out then made sure it fit into the hull piece. Next I masked off where the chaser lights will go, then opaqued the top of the deck piece with several coats of Flat Black. Then to get the yellow lines I first sprayed the entire piece Yellow, Then I masked off the parts I wanted to stay Yellow. 168446104 Hanger Deck Replacement 152 Next I sprayed over the masks with Intermediate Blue, Then removed all of the masks and this is how it turned out. 168446105 Hanger Deck Replacement 153 This is just a clearer shot of the work that was done. It was a little bit quicker than I expected but I am glad this worked out. It already put me behind where I wanted to be. 168446106 Hanger Deck 154 In Order to hold the Hanger assembly in place, I needed to add a piece of styrene to the bottom of the hull. I added a notch to the top of the piece to allow the wiring for the chase lighting effect to fit through. As you can see there is very little room around the outside of the hanger. 168637806 Botany Deck - Placement 155 This deck cannot be inserted as one piece inside the hull. It takes a little work to get both pieces in there. I have to turn the pieces up into the dorsal before I can right it. Before putting this in I needed to run all of the wiring up into the dorsal to it would not get caught on any of the wires. It is very very snug in there with both the Hanger and botony decks in thier final positions. 168637805 Botany Deck - Lighting Effect 156 With the larger scale model I am using EL or Electroluminescence Lighting. This is kit # 2504. It comes with 10 seperate Lead wires. The panel can be cut in up to 10 segments and still be lit. Here I used 1/2 of the panel. The other half will light the Crew rec- deck. 168637907 The Botany Deck - With EL lighting 157 This is the Botony Deck in place under it's own lighting which was done with an EL lighting kit. Also the window inserts are in place. 168446207 Exterior Lighting Effects 158 Before Putting the interiors in I needed to get all of the wiring threaded into the hull and make sure it all works before adding the 2 decks. Getting these spot lights in place and aimed properly on an already assembled model piece is very difficult to do to say the least, especially when your hands can barely fit inside the hull while working on it. 168446209 Exterior Lighting Effects159 Here are the pylon and dorsal lights in place. 168446210 Exterior Lighting Effects 160 Here is a front view of the lighting effects. Although you can see the view ports lit, this is not their final lighting effect. That's how much light from these LEDs bleeds into the rest of the hull. Even the travel pod docking ports are lit up. 168446211 Exterior Lighting Effects 161 This shot shows the lighting effect on the pylons. I also have the interior lights on for the rec deck. The lighing from this piece is bleeding into the impulse engine crystal. This will be fixed later on. 168446212 Exterior Lighting Effects 162 Here the lights even shine through the impulse engine piece and the hanger area. 168446214 Exterior Lighting Effects 163 What I like about these next 2 shots is you can see the spot of light on the forward part of the engineering deck and the rear of the saucer that is actually projected from the light from the front of the warp nacell. That turned out better than I had expected. 168446215 Exterior Lighting Effects 164 Here is a view from the front. That spot looks really good to me. I put the deflector dish piece in place to see how the lighting would look. Again, this is not the final effect. 168446216 Exterior Lighting Effects 165 Here is the top view. By next month I should have the upper and lower saucer fully lit. 168446217 Hanger Deck Inserts 166 These are castings of the aft end of the ship. According to the matt painting seen from the inside of the hanger on ST:TMP they appear to be transparent from the inside as well. 168446103 Hanger Deck Inserts 167 If you look at the hanger openeing you can see how these inserts look with the lighting effect. 168446213 Torpedo Lighting Effects 168 To get the effect to work I needed to recast the Torpedo tubes in Clear resin. There are 2 LEDs for each tube. One White and One Red. 172655316 Engineering Hull Viewports 169 These are all of the Mylar pieces cut out for the Engineering Hull. They need to be taped in place from the inside. No Easy task. 172655317 Engineering Hull Viewports 170 In order to fit the Hanger Deck, Botany Deck and add the viewport windows I needed to move all of the wiring up through the dorsal. Foil tape works great for this process. 172655320 Engineering Hull Viewports 171 This shows the taped up wiring and also the cut Mylar pieces held in place by the Aluminum Tape. 172655321 Engineering Hull Viewports 172 I also had to add the wiring for the bottom strobe and the rear spot light. I now have room to add the Hanger and Botany decks. 172655322 Hanger Bay Lighting 173 There are 4 Red LEDs used to provide enough light for the red lights above the hanger doors. A panel cover will be added to hide the LEDs after the Hanger Deck Piece is in place. 172655319 Fantail Lighting 174 Before the Hanger can be put in I needed to add all of the Spot lighting. This is the Fantail Spot light. I needed to recast the lighting cove in clear resin to get the light to shine through properly. 172655318 Exterior Lighting Effect 175 All of the accent spot lights needed to inserted and then individually aimed. A process that took about 2 - 3 hours for each Engineering Hull. This is a lighting test for one of the hulls from underneath the ship. 172655323 Exterior Lighting Effect 176 This is the same view, it was just shot with the Flash. 172655324 Exterior Lighting Effect 177 This is the top of the Engineering Hull to make sure the lights are aimed properly. 172655325 The 4 Models Assembled 178 The next few pics show the nacells and saucers finally assembled and ready for their final wiring. They haven't been assembled since the picture I took of them in my garage work area. 172655330 The 4 Models Assembled 179 It's good to see these 4 ships near their completion. 172655331 The 4 Models Assembled 180 Another angle. This gives you a good idea of the size of these ships. They're about half way up the bookcases. 172655332 The 4 Models Assembled 181 The Enterprise in the middle will be displayed on a model stand, the two on either side will have the drydocks built for them. 172655333 Enterprise Int. Lighting Test 182 As with Reliant I am using 2.5" fluorescent tubes for the interior lighting. There are 8 for the saucer lighting, 2 for the Engineering hull and 4 for the warp nacells. 172655435 Enterprise Lighting Test 183 In this shot I lit up the Exterior lighting as well as the Warp Engines. This shot was with the flash. The model is sitting in a cradle. 172655436 Enterprise Lighting Test 184 This is a shot with no flash. Just ambient sunlight. I now have the interior lighting for 2 of the ships completed. Just 2 more to go. See you next update. 172655437 Hatch Interiors - 185 These hatch interior pieces are all scratch built. There are four frames total for the open hatches on the Drydock model versions. 174310620 Hatch Interiors 186 This pic shows the side details of the walls. The overhead piece is a recast piece from the PLE Botany deck. I'm using these as details for the ceiling pieces. 174310621 Hatch Door Hardware 187 This is the first version of the hatch door hardware. I wanted something solid and sturdy so that the hatches could be in the open or closed positions. Later I removed the copper poles in favor for Styrene rods which are lighter and easier to connect to the hatch door pieces. 174310624 Hatch Door Hardware 188 Here is the copper hardware in place before I decided to use the styrene pole. The pole guides are cemented in place with epoxy. I had to test fit these to make sure the poles would slide smoothly so the hatches would open and close. 174310625 Hatch Interiors 189 This is a test fit of the upper hatch pieces in place. This was to make sure the lighting would be in the right place. 174310622 Hatch Interiors 190 There is one shot of the Enterprise in drydock that reveals some lights on the inside of these hatches. From this angle they are very visible. 174310623 Hatch Interiors and Doors 191 This show the hatches in place with the new styrene poles in the open position. 174310632 Hatch Interiors and Doors 192 This pic was shot with a flash to show the interior color of the hatch walls. I painted the walls with Intermediate Blue and the ceilings with Neutral Gray. 174310633 Officer's Lounge Lighting 193 This is a shot of the lounge with the flash so you can see the interior of the lounge. There are very thin sheets of styrene in place to simulate the windows. It is very clear, but it will reflect outside light to show that there is some sort of glass in the window frames. 174310626 Officer's Lounge Lighting 194 Another angle of the lighted lounge from straight on. 174310628 Officer's Lounge Lighting 195 This pic is with the interior lighting on. I used EL Lamps because of the low heat value of the lighting. The other plus is that the lighting is very even and it gives a very good view of the interior details of the Lounge. 174310627 Officer's Lounge Lighting 196 A little bit closer in. You can see both parts of the lounge including the part in TMP that is seen behind Dr. McCoy when Kirk is speaking with Spock. 174310629 Officer's Lounge Lighting 197 This is a higher angle. This shows the couches in the lower part of the lounge. 174310630 Officer's Lounge Lighting 198 An even closer look. I am very happy with the results of this lighting. More updates coming soon. 174310631 Enterprise Cradles 199 I finally finished the cradle supports for the models. Wish I had done this months ago. It is so much easier to move these models around now, not to mention work on them. More updates to come. 175477534