Cardboard Model building Cardboard Model building Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 1 This is the first scratch built model I've ever built. A 3 foot model of the Hanger deck. I built this before video tapes and DVDs ever became common place. I used the FJ blueprints to make this model. As you can see it was scaled to my AMT/ertl Galileo. 23931248 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 2 The pics were taken with a pocket camera so where the viewfinder and the actual lens did not line up for close up shots like this. 23931249 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 3 All the cardboard used here was from cereal boxes. I had a wire grating for the frame and all of the cardboard was wired or taped onto the frame. 23931250 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 4 The hanger was not shown enough on TV to get more accurate colors. Video was in it's infancy so I was not able to get a whole lot of details in this model. But it was something for me to be proud of. This was built in the middle 70's from what I can remember. 23931251 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 5 Just another angle to attempt to show my details. 23931252 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 6 There she is all nice and empty. 23931253 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 7 I even put some lighting in the viewports and a few cut-out people in the observation deck. The pic was taken through one of the removeable walls on the side of the model. Even then I was thinking of "wild section" in my models for filming. 23931254 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 8 This our cat "Jingles" relaxing in the hanger. She liked the close quarters. This is the only pic I took where you can see the turntable. 23931257 Cardboard Hanger Deck - pic 9 The year I shot this pic we had an awesome snow storm that had some nice drifts, so I took my model out side and even put some footprints in the snow with my fingers to give the photo some life. 23931255 My Colonial Viper - pic 10 I took advantage of the snow that year and brought out my Viper. At the time this was my best model ever. Years later I would bring it out again and you can see it in the Battlestar Galactica Album. 23931256 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 11 This was my first Enterprise refit kit. This came out when ST:TMP premiered. Tis was my first Lit model. A highly dangerous one too. I used old holoday lights for the effects and they were run off of a 120v line. How I didn't electricute myself I'll never know. STUPID!!!! 23931258 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 12 At the time I built this, I never knew about the "AZTEC" patterns on the ship. I could never figure out what the exact color was so, believe it or not I painted it "Wood tan"/ It actually looks good in these last two pics. 23931259 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 13 Here you can see more of it's true color. Thank goodness I didn't know how to use a camera the right way. 23931260 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 14 Here is the ship under it's own lighting. I think I gave this shot a 2 sec exposure. 23931261 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 15 An underneath shot. And more of that lovely wood tan color. 23931262 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 16 This was the smooth version of the kit before they ruined it with their detailing bumps. The main deflector had a clump of colored lights in it. That's why there is a rainbow of colors in there. 23931263 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 17 Another shot under it's own lighting. The stars are just pin-holes in some black cardboard I hung behind the ship. 23931264 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 18 Just a backshot of the model. 23931265 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 19 I forgot why the shadow appeared on this shot. I just made the picture to be the Enterprise being overtaken possobly by V'ger. 23931266 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 20 The bridge lighting effects. 23931267 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 21 And here's the big behind the scenes pic. Yep, everything was shot upside down. All of the pictures you just viewed where upside down shots. 23931269 AMT/ertl Refit Enterprise - pic 22 Here is some of that suicidle wiring I was telling you about! Than goodness for 3v LEDs. 23931272 Special Effects - pic 23 This is a super nova I made by taking multiple exposures of my home made starfield. Then I took my dads super 8 filming light, faced it at the camera and let it take about a 1 sec exposure. Not bad. I had some extra film so I though I would try this out. 23931273 Cardboard Bridge - pic 24 This is my caredboard masterpiece. This was a 3' model made entirely out of cardboard. It took me about 3 months to make. 23931274 Cardboard Bridge - pic 25 I had to take all of the standard shots of this model to match it with the TOS shots. 23931275 Cardboard Bridge - pic 26 This model was built just for photography purposes. The model had 3 wild sections so I could remove them and shoot from different angles. 23931276 Cardboard Bridge - pic 27 The engineering station. 23931277 Cardboard Bridge - pic 28 he main view screen. 23931278 Cardboard Bridge - pic 29 The environmental controls and the engineering sub-station. Not the hand drawn "Condition Alert" monitor. This was way before I found out about dry transfers. 23931279 Cardboard Bridge - pic 30 A rare shot of the bridge toward the library computer (Spock's) station. 23931280 Cardboard Bridge - pic 31 The extension cord with the outlets on it should give you an idea of the size of this model. 23931281 Cardboard Bridge - pic 32 Here's the bridge with just it's own lighting on the consoles on. There was just some colored film behind all of those holes I punched in the cardboard sheets. I had a string of old holiday lights I used to light up everything. 23931282 Cardboard Bridge - pic 33 The engineering station under it's own lighting. 23931283 Cardboard Bridge - pic 34 Here's the outside of the model. Kinda looks like the filming set on TOS, huh. 23931284 Cardboard Bridge - pic 35 Here's the wild section of the viewscreen. 23931285 Cardboard Bridge - pic 36 The cardboard command chair. 23931286 Cardboard Starfleet Office - pic 37 This office was built for a 280 slide, slideshow I was making at the time. This was a multi - function set. The entire set was about 5' long and was used for several other rooms. 23931288 Cardboard Starfleet Office - pic 38 For the ceiling piece I xeroxed some of the symbols from the Tech manual and used them as decorations. Everything was decorated in black and white so I didn't have to worry about colorizing anything. 23931289 Cardboard Starfleet Office - pic 39 The desk was made from cardboard. The console on the right was made from a lid of an old cigarette pack box I found. The decorations in the room where just odds and ends I Found laying around. The chair is one that I used on the bridge model. 23931290 Cardboard Starfleet Office - pic The room was about 2 1/2 feet high. The decoration in the corner was an old pencil holder I found in the garbage. I was going to stick some light in it, but ran out of time. 23931291 Cardboard Starfleet Office - pic 41 To the right of the pic is where the office set was, and now it is converted into a hanger bay. To the left side It was used for an interior of a space station and also an apartment. I now understand what a production budget is. 23931292 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 42 To the left corridor would be the Engineering section, the brig and one of the vertical passages. Turn right and you'll go to the Jeffries tube room. This set was built according to the blueprint in the "Making Of Star Trek". 23931293 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 43 To the left is the Jeffries tube. Straight ahead the engineering section, 23931294 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 44 Looking towards the vertical access tube, to the right of that the Engineering section 23931295 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 45 This pic was taken thorugh the doorway where the BRIG would be. The vertical ladder was made of cardboard and the tube was made of some scrap sheetmetal I had laying around. 23931296 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 46 Here is the Transporter room which was built on the opposite end of the model located right where it should be on the Making of Star Trek Blue print. 23931297 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 47 This pic was taken from the corridor through one of the removeable doers. This shot is looking out into the corridor outside from the transporter room. 23931298 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 48 This is the corridor outside of the transporter room. The door to the left leads into what would be a rec-room or what was used as the chapel. But for this model the breifing room wall is directly behind it. 23931299 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 49 The red door is where I took the transporter room pic. The corridor next to that is to the transporter room and the open doors are to the breifing room. 23931300 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 50 This is the breifing room. The chairs are taken from the bridge model. This room also doubled for my auxiliary control room for my slide show. 23931301 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 51 Over all, this model turned out pretty good. The length of the Entire corridor model was about 14'. It took up my entire basement. 23931302 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic 52 Here are some of the details seen on Mr. Spock's computer console. 23931303 Cardboard Enterprise Corridors -pic The transporter room is behind the red door. The only time I remember that door being used in TOS is during the fight scene between Decker and Mongomerey. Because this model was in the basement it absorbed a lot of moisture and started to warp everywhere, so I had to shoot what I needed to get done and then tear the whole thing down. It's a shame. These pics are all that is left of that huge model. 23931304 Cardboard Original Ship - pic 54 This model was based on one of the early designs for the Enterprise that was never used. This was supposed to be a pre-Constitution class starship. It was an attack vessel with ten mini fighters. This was caled the U.S.S. Murine. You can see part of the office set to the right in this pic. 23931305 Cardboard Original Ship - pic 55 In The slide show the Murine was attacked by an unknown force. The doomed ship was venting plasma from it's engines only to be destroyed moments later. Before I built this ship I had made Deck-by-deck Blueprints of the entire ship. 23931306 Cardboard Original Ship - pic 56 Here is a close-up of the damage to the ship. Unfortunately this was never seen in the slide show. 23931307 Cardboard Original Ship - pic 57 After I moved I had given this ship to a friend of mine who liked it and wanted restore it. I don't know if he ever got around to it though. It was a nice ship. About 25" long and had a lot of detail on it. 23931308 My Work Bench - pic 58 This is one of my first work benches. You can see a scout class ship being built here, as well as one of my AMT/ertl Enterprise builds in progress and several model kits in the box. Also there on the right is one of my Wrath of Khan behind the scenes theater programs. 23931287