TOS 8' Enterprise TOS 8' Enterprise Blueprints - pic 1 To Start with, here is the home-made Blueprint I'm using to build the 8' model. That is a yardstick laying there to show the scale. This is the top view of the saucer. I'm basing this build off of Franz Joseph's prints and many other references. 23930985 Blueprints - pic 2 This is the profile view. This is to make the interior frame of the saucer. 23930986 Blueprints - pic 3 This is the top view of the engineering hull. It will measure nearly a yard long when finished. 23930987 Engineering Hull - pic 4 There are 9 rings and 3 "1/2" rings for the frame of the hull. The Shuttle deck is added in on this pic. 23930989 Engineering Hull - pic 5 Here is the side view. You can see here the cut-out for the turntable and track to move the shuttle craft forward in this pic. 23930990 Hanger deck - pic 6 This hanger is built based on the filming miniature and some fan renderings of the hanger deck. I made it as deep as I could without the hanger interfering with the pylon supports. 23930991 Hanger deck - pic 7 This is a little closer of a look. I tried to make the observation deck interiors to look like what was seen in "TOS - The Conscience of the King" 23930992 Hanger deck - pic 8 It's not quite as deep as the filming miniature suggests but it is still quite large. 23930993 Hanger deck - pic 9 This is the interior details. Since there are no detailed reference pics of the rear of the hanger, I improvised what the back end might look like. 23930994 Hanger deck - pic 10 Here is a view from a little farther back. 23930995 Hanger deck - pic 11 This pic shows everything painted up. All of the painting is based on some great pics that are featured in "Star Trek Communicator" of the filming miniature. There are a lot of details that could not be picked up on the small screen. I've decided later on in this build I'm going to add 2 overhead doors to the rear wall to mimic ST:V TVH. I've also have seen some good reference pics from Enterprise renderings of these doors and I like that idea very much and you'll see why in upcoming pics. 23930996 Hanger deck - pic 12 This pic shows some of the lightin effects in place. I'm using LEDs and some fiber optics. 23930997 Hanger deck - pic 13 Here is a test fit of the hanger deck in place. I've also have begun adding some sheet styrene to the engineering hull frame. 23930998 Hanger deck - pic 14 Here is a view of the hanger from the back. 23930999 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 15 It has been mentioned that there are 6 shuttlecraft stored on the Enterprise somwhere. We have only been blessed with seeing one at a time on TOS. So here are my 6 to-be-lighted shuttles. First I cut all of the frames out of .080 sheet styrene and plastic tubing for the engines. 23931000 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 16 Here are the frames and engines put together. The ships are standing on the LED wiring. I've decided to light the warp nacell caps. There are 3 LEDs total. 2 for the engines and 1 for the interiors. 23931001 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 17 Here's another look from the side. 23931002 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 18 To keep the light leaks down I first spray the entire shuttle with Flat black to opaque the plastic frame. 23931003 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 19 The part the will remain black when finished will be the rear Engines wich were a pain to make because of the tiny engine ports. 23931004 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic To keep the fronts of the nacells from getting Black paint on them I slipped on these pieces of tube plastic to help mask the warp effect lighting. 23931005 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 21 And here they are all finished up with paint and decals. There is only one of the craft that does not belong to the Enterprise. It is one that belongs to Starbase 1 that is being stored in the hanger from "TOS - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" Can you guess where I got the registry number on that shuttle from? 23931006 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 22 Here is the common Port side view of the shuttlles. Here they are posotioned atop of some Testors paint jars to give you an idea of the scale. 23931007 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 23 Here is the front views. 23931008 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 24 A starboard side aft view. 23931009 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 25 Now the port side aft. 23931010 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic 26 A quaint little fleet. 23931011 Building the ShuttleCraft - pic ...and one last side view of all the shuttles with all of their registry numbers visible. 23931012 Building the Saucer Section - pic 28 This is the stencil I used to make the interior frames of the saucer based on the blueprint of pic 2. 23931018 Building the Saucer Section - pic 29 24 of these shapes have been sut out for the frame of the saucer. 23931013 Building the Saucer Section - pic 30 This pic shows the spacers that will keep the frame evenly spaced. 23931014 Building the Saucer Section - pic 31 I cut out 2 circles from styrene to be the core of the frame and one by one add the these supports. 23931015 Building the Saucer Section - pic 32 Here you can see how the spacers both support and separate each of the frame pieces. 23931016 Building the Saucer Section - pic 33 After the entire frame has been built I started adding the outter skin on the top part of the frame. 23931017 Building the Saucer Section - pic 34 You can see the familiar shape of the saucer slowing coming together. 23931019 Building the Saucer Section - pic 35 This gives you an idea of what the outter skin is looking like. 23931020 Building the Saucer Section - pic 36 It looks just like a big wheel right now. 23931021 Building the Saucer Section - pic 37 This view again shows the yardstick to give you an idea of scale. 23931022 Building the Saucer Section - pic 38 Now I'm starting on the next few rings of the outer skin. 23931023 Building the Saucer Section - pic 39 This is just another angle. 23931025 Building the Saucer Section - pic 40 Even more so now you can see that famous saucer hull shape. 23931024 Building the Saucer Section - pic 41 Adding more of the hull. I layed a copy of the Bridge blueprint in the center there so you can see where the bridge will fit. 23931026 Building the Saucer Section - pic 42 Each of these pieces is put over the frame and then cut out to fit the frame. Next I place the cut plastic on a heating pad for a few minutes to make the styrene plyable, then I bend and shape the plastic piece until it fits properly into it's section. 23931027 Building the Saucer Section - pic 43 The more plastic that is added to this frame, the stronger the frame becomes. Yet the entire piece is very light weight. 23931028 Building the Saucer Section - pic 44 This is the blueprint for the upper part of the saucer. This was made to make sure there is room for the wiring and of course the bridge piece. 23931029 Building the Bridge - pic 45 Here is the basic frame of the bridge. The size and only the size of the bridge is based on Franz Joseph's deck by deck blueprints, however the layout is based only on wha is seen on the TOS. 23931033 Building the Bridge - pic 46 Now here is the captain's chair and nav stations. These pieces are just over an inch in size. Probably the smallest com I've ever built. 23931030 Building the Bridge - pic 47 Here we are from the front. There will be a few fiber optics run through this for some effects. 23931031 Building the Bridge - pic 48 Here is another view of this tiny module. 23931032 Building the Bridge - pic 49 Next I'm building all of the bridge position chairs. The bottoms are made from small tubing on underneath a small disc for the seat. The seatbacks are made from a larger size tubing that was first cut into a slice, then cut at an angle leaving two pieces, then the pieces were filed into the shapes for the backs of the chairs. 23931034 Building the Bridge - pic 50 All of the seats were hand painted with Flat Black. I also added the feet of the chairs cutting the tin pieces with an exacto knife then with tweezers and a lot of patience cemented each footing in place. 23931035 Building the Bridge - pic 51 The first bridge I built like this was made entirely of cardboard, but this one is made entirely of plastic. All of the consoles will have some lighting effects. All of the chairs are now cemented in place. The Turbo lift door is also in place. I had originally planed to have them slde open, we'll see how that works out later on. 23931036 Building the Bridge - pic 52 On TOS the bridge screen always had that blue frame to it so here is my view screen. Also the upper panels have been started as you can see in the upper right. 23931037 Building the Bridge - pic 53 Here's another view of all the work so far. 23931038 Building the Bridge - pic 54 Another view from the front. 23931039 Building the Bridge - pic 55 Before I added the interior details I wanted to put the lighting effects for the bridge in. I did this by using hundreds of fiber optics to be lit by a series of different colored LEDs 23931040 Building the Bridge - pic 56 This pic shows the fibers threaded up to the consoles. 23931041 Building the Bridge - pic 57 To permanently hold the fibers in place I gave them a bead of elmers to hold the bundles in place. 23931042 Building the Bridge - pic 58 Yes, I'm even going to put in that lighting effect underneath the viewsccreen. 23931043 Building the Bridge - pic 59 It almost looks like this thing's got a wig on. This fibers will be trimmed kater on and used in other lighting effects. 23931044 Building the Bridge - pic 60 To help black any stray light I wrapped this shield around the outside of the model. 23931045 Building the Bridge - pic 61 I'm adding a few fibers to the nav and helm stations. 23931046 Building the Bridge - pic 62 First I make the tops of the fibers line up then glue them into place. 23931047 Building the Bridge - pic 63 At certain times of the year you can get great deals on fiber optics by buying up seasonal items like this UFO fiber iptic lamp. 23931048 Building the Bridge - pic 64 For the lighting effects, I'm using several colored LEDs 23931049 Building the Bridge - pic 65 This disc will allow certain colors to show through to the fiberoptics at different times to give an interesting lighting effect. 23931050 Building the Bridge - pic 66 Here is the disc and the lighting base that will fit underneath the bridge model. 23931051 Building the Bridge - pic 67 This wood piece is going to be used to make the outter skin for the entire bridge. 23931052 Building the Bridge - pic 68 Here is the side of the mold for the bridge. 23931053 145846682