My Memorabilia My Memorabilia Star Trek - An Analysis of A Phenomenon In Science Fiction I Found This And The following pics in an Antique store along with dozens of other Starlog mags. This one is from 1968, Published by SC Enterprises. Has Interesting Articles, ideas and b/w pics. 23930585 Enterprise Incidents Issue No. 2 July 1976. I couldn't believe I found this. HAs some grat articles b/w pics and spotlight articles on Leonard Nimoy's Acting Career. 23930586 Enterprise Incidencts Issue No. 5 December 1977. Has articles for "This Side Of Paradise" Some extremely clear BHS pics of the miniatures including one that I've personally had never seen before of the Romulan BOP being filmed. Also Includes Spotlight Article of DeForest Kelly. 23930587 Enterprise Incidents - Special Edition Spotlight On Interviews June 1984. Interviews with all of the original cast members. 23930588 2001: A Space Odyssey This, I believe, is the first Sci-fi memorabilia I ever had. It was given to me by my Grandparents in 1976. The Price for this Marvel Treasury Special was $1.50. 23930589 10th Anniversary Commemoration coin I spent an outrageous ammount of $3.00 for this coin. At the time that was a lot of money for something like this. 23930590 10th Anniversary coin B-side 23930591 Engineering Insignia This Insignia was one of 3 that could be ordered through a comic book. I believe they were $1 each. I bought 3 23930592 Command Insignia This was also from the comic book order. 23930593 Trading Cards These cards came in 3 sets. They were un-numbered and there were about 2 or 3 duplicates. These were also ordered from the same comic book. I believe they were $1.50-2.00 a set. I don't think I've ever seen these cards anywhere else, and I don't think I've ever heard of anyone who has them. If you do, please let me know! 23930594 Trading Cards Included with these cards are some blooper cards and end credit cards. 23930595 Trading Cards Of course when I originally ordered these cards I was hoping to get some with pics of the Enterprise, Galileo, Bird of Prey and the Klingon ship, but no.... not a single ship shot was included with them. 23930596 Trading Cards These cards are in fairly good shape. A couple of them have some moisture damage, but when I was a kid I didn't realize these would become important collectables. 23930597 Trading Cards 23930598 Trading Cards 23930599 Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual - Soft cover book with hard cover sleeve. Here's the Grandaddy of ST Technical data, the one that I used to build my cardboard models and such. At the time a friend of mine bought his for $5.95 by the time I recieved my copy, from my parents as a gift, the price went up to $6.95. One of the best gifts my parents ever gave me. 23930600 Constitution Class - Blueprints My parents bought me this, along with the Technical Manual. I was suprised how much it cost. The first time I saw these prints, they were $4.95. My parents really loved me because they spent the extra dollar to get these for me. Note the price of $5.95 on the lower left corner. 23930601 Star Trek Concordance This book was going out of print when I found it. It also had a small tear in it which enabled me to get a discount along with the clearance rack price. 23930602 Star Trek Log One - Alan Dean Foster - Paperback My dad had started buying these books which are basicaly translations of the animated series. When he was through with them, they were handed down to me. Stories: Beyond the farthest star, Yesteryear, One of our Planets is missing. 23930603 Star Trek Log Two - Paperback Log Two is as far as I had got with collecting these books. Stories: The Survivor, The Lorelei Signal, The Infinite Vulcan. 23930604 Star Trek 1 - James Blish - Paperback These are the voyages... on paperback. Stories: Charlie's Law, Dagger of the Mind, The Unreal McCoy, Balance of Terror, The Naked Time, Miri, The Conscience of the King. 23930605 Star Trek 2 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: A Taste of Armageddon, Tomorrow is Yesterday, Errand of Mercy, Court Martial, Operation-Annihilate!, The City on the Edge of Forever, Space Seed. 23930606 Star Trek 3 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: The Trouble With Tribbles, The Last Gunfight, The Doomsday Machine, Assignment: Earth, Mirror, Mirror, Friday's Child, Amok Time. 23930607 Star Trek 4: - James Blish - Paperback Stories: All Our Yesterdays, The Devil In the Dark, Journey to Babel, The Menagerie, The Enterprise Incident, A Piece of the Action 23930608 Star Trek 5 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: Whom Gods Destroy, The Tholian Web, Let that be Your Last Battlefield, This Side of Paradise, Turnabout Intruder, Requiem for Methuselah, The Way to Eden. 23930609 Star Trek 6 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: The Savage Curtain, The Lights of Zetar, The Apple, By Any Other Name, The Cloud Minders, The Mark Of Gideon. 23930610 Star Trek 7 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: Who Mourns for Adonais, The Changeling, The Paradise Syndrome, Metamorphosis, The Deadly Years, Elaan of Troyius. 23930611 Star Trek 8 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: Spocks Brain, The Enemy Within, Catspaw, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Wolf In the Fold, For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky. 23930612 Star Trek 9 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: Return to Tomorrow, The Ultimate Computer, That Which Survives, Obsession, The Return of the Archons, The Immunity Syndrome. 23930613 Star Trek 10 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: The Alternative Factor, The Empath, The Galileo Seven, Is there in Truth No Beauty?, A Private Little War, The Omega Glory. 23930614 Star Trek 11 - James Blish - Paperback Stories: What Are Little Girls Made of?, The Squire of Gothos, Wink of an Eye, Bread and Circuses, Day of the Dove, Plato's Stepchildren. 23930615 Star Trek: The New Voyages Stories: Ni Var, Intersection Point, The Enchanted Pool, Visit to a Wierd Planet Revisited, The Face on the Barroom Floor, The Hunting, The Winged Dreamers, Mind Sifter, Sonnet from the Vulcan: Omicron Ceti Three 23930616 Star Trek: The Animated Series - VHS At the time these weren't easy to find in my area. By the way, Anyone have Episode 12? 23930617 Star Trek:TOS on DVD Much easier access to the show instead of fumbling with the VHS cassettes. 23930618 Star Trek Movies on DVD Lots of good Behind the Scenes Stuff. 23930619 Star Trek - Where no one has gone before. Large Hardcover Book. I've enver seen this book in the stores with the Enterprise-A on it after I had purchased this. Now it has 1701-D on the cover. 23930620 Enterprise Incidents - # 13 - Fanzine This series of magazines was hard for me to locate. At the time the only store I knew of that carried them was Ben Franklin. They were almost always snatched up right away. 23930621 Enterprise Incidents - # 14 - Fanzine February 1984 Issue. 23930622 Enterprise Incidents - # 17 - Fanzine I missed a couple of issues. 23930623 Enterprise Incidents - # 18 - Fanzine June 1984 Issue 23930624 Enterprise Incidents - #19 - Fanzine July 1984 Issue. 23930625 Enterpris Incidents - #25 - Fanzine January 1985 Issue. 23930626 The Art of Star Trek - Large Hardcover Book The Title Says it All 23930627 Star Trek Memories - William Shatner - Hard Cover Copy # 4217 Autographed 23930628 Star Trek Movie Memories - William Shatner - Hard cover W. S, Follow-up book 23930629 Star Trek The Real Story - Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman - Hard Cover 23930630 Class F Shuttlecraft - Blueprints - Dave Winfrey I had a wonderful opportunity to communicate with Dave while I built from scratch a 2' model of this craft based on his notations. Awesome set of prints to have. patt $6.95 23930631 Bridge Blueprints. by Lawrence Miller ST:TOS and ST:TMP Bridge comparison - patt - $14.95 23930632 Space Station K-7 - Blueprints by Kenneth Altman 6 17 x 22 Sheets - patt - $5.95 23930633 Book Of Romulan Plans "Bird of Prey" Cruiser - Blueprints by Michael McMaster Interior and Exterior Plans - patt - $8.95 23930634 USS Independence Class Freighter Plans - by Geoffrey Mandel From the Animated series. These plans were recomended to me by Dave Winfrey. He wanted me to build a version of this for his Photo Manual collection. Sorry I never got around to it. $4.00 23930635 Book of Klingon Plans - by Michael McMaster. Awesome Prints! Definately want to do a scratch build of these someday. patt - $7.95 23930636 Glenn Class Fleet Survey Vessel - USS Grissom Bought because it was in the ST Cannon. patt $5.95 23930637 USS Enterprise Bridge Blues - Revised What Trekkor would be without these. 23930638 Federation Size comparison charts Something I picked up at a place in Orlando Fl. Called Enterprise 1701-A 23930639 Starship Design - Softcover 23930640 Star Trek Captains - Post Cards Got these from ST:Communicator subscription. 23930641 ST:TWOK - Movie Program Yes, this is from the original release. Has good BTS Photos. 23930642 ST: TFF - Wall clock This was a gift from my sister Laura. Thank you! 23930643 Tek War - William Shatner - Paperback Mr. Shatners First incredible Novel 23930644 ST:TNG - Vendetta - Paperback Awesome book! The makers of the original doomsday machine return.... or do they? 23930645 Star Trek: A Flag Full of Stars - Paperback Ever wonder what happened to the Spaceshuttle Enterprise? Read this one! 23930646 Star Trek: Dreadnought - Paperback A fans dream of being under Kirk's command. 23930647 Star Trek: Uhurah's song - Paperback One of the first ST novels I've ever read. 23930648 Battlestar Galactica - Paperback Pilot Episode version. 23930649 Star Trek: How much for just the planet. To tell you the truth - I don't remember what this one's about. 23930650 Star Trek: Double, Double - Paperback This is one of the best sequel books I've read. It takes place after the ST:TOS episode "What are little girls made of?" 23930651 Star Trek: Enterprise - The First Adventure- Paperback I didn't really consider this an adventure, but it did have some good pre - 5 year mission tidbits. 23930652 Star Trek Puzzle Manual - Paperback I think every Trek fan has one of these. 23930653 Star Trek: The Trial of James T. Kirk - DC Comics Part 1 of 3. Did Kirk really obey the Prime Directive during the 5 yr mission? Hah! 23930654 Star Tre: The Trial of James T. Kirk - DC Comics Part 2 of 3. The Truth about a great many things unfolds... Unfortunately I never found Part 3.... Rats! 23930655 ST:TMP Comic book - Marvel Comics Dec. 1979 issue. This copy was given to me by my buddy Ben. Ben If you're out there give me a call! 23930656 ST:TOS - Voyager - Poster This poster came with a subscription renewal to ST: Communicator 23930657 Science and Fantasy Film Classics - Fanzine Oct 1978 Issue - Featuring Battlestar Galactica, Journey to the far side of the sun and When Worlds collide. Included with this magazine a 22" x 32" centerfold of the aforementioned movies. patt $2.00 23930658 Screen Superstar Star Wars - Fanzine 1977 issue - Featuring the making of the Worlds Greatest Space Adventure Movie! Many Awesome Photos, drawings and interviews. Aaah to be a kid again. patt $1.95 23930659 Starfleet Gallery - Catalog I saved this because it had some great items inside that you could get. 23930660 Cutaway Original Enterprise - Poster This was printed by SciPubTech. A nice reference shot of the Original ship. I don't totaly agree with everything on this poster, but it has it's value. 23930661 Star Trek: Generations - Teaser Poster Fell in love with this poster when I first saw it! 23930662 ST: The official fan club - Collector cards. One of the few sets I have that have not been pulled apart by the perforations. 23930663 ST:TOS - Collector cards. Wouldn't be a complete collection without these, right? 23930664 ST: TOS - Collector cards How many packages do you have to buy to get them all? No I didn't do it the easy way. I was able to get 2 complete sets, though. One set I gave to my 2 boys Adam and David. 23930665 ST:TOS- Collector cards 23930666 ST:TOS - Collector cards 23930667 ST:TOS - Collector cards 23930668 ST:TOS - Collector cards 23930669