September Updates - 2017 September Updates - 2017 Strobe Light Dome Covers - 1 These are re-castings of the strobe domes that will cover all of the flashing lights holes. 204438817 Main Deflector Dish Assembly - 1 Here I'm Cementing into place the perma-magnets that will hold the Main deflector housing in place. Note also the Photon torpedo launch tubes are finally in place. They just need some light-leak fixing. There is also the wiring for the Deflector Dish/Torpedo Launchers and the side thrusters. The wiring will be pulled into the engineering section when the cement for the magnets has dried. 204438816 Drydock Running Lights - 1 These are the lights that are seen running around the front end of the panel frames in the Enterprise Flyby scene. They are at station keeping mode when the travel pod is flying past and in flashing mode just before the Enterprise Launches. First I cut a 1/4" of tubing for the light housing, then add 2 notches on the lower side for the LED leads to stick out. 204438814 Drydock Running Lights - 2 Next I added a thin piece of plastic to the bottom of the cowling to keep the LED in place. I then trim and round off the bottom to match the shape of the housing. 204438821 Drydock Running Lights - 3 Next I cut another of the tubes in half to use them as a mounting clamp for the panel frames. These are cemented to the bottoms of the light assembly as seen in the far left of the pic. 204438815 Drydock Running Lights - 4 Here the clamps are cemented into place with the neg. lead on the inside, pos. on the outside. After I wire them with the speaker coil wire I'll trim the leads and paint the lighting fixtures to match the dock. 204438819 Drydock Running Lights - 5 There are 6 of these lights on each side of the dock frames. The ones seen here are green. The ones on the other side will be read, much like the ship's running light configuration. I will also add the same amount of lighting on the aft end of the dock. 204438820 Drydock Running Lights - 6 This is just a different angle of how the clamps are mounted onto the Framework. 204438822