August Updates - 2017 August Updates - 2017 Overhead Module Detailing - 1 In order to make sure all of the wiring will be contained I put the top of the module on. There were a few mis-alignments on the L-Bar notches, but I grinded the out and the top piece fit in nice and easy. I also permanently added the Shuttle craft into the rear hanger. 204294637 Overhead Module Detailing - 2 This is a 2 second exposure shot so all of the chase lighting appears to be on at the same time. This is just a view of the hanger from a different angle. I will be adding some work bees and cargo containers as well as crewmembers into the hangers for some added scale. 204294641 Overhead Module Lighting - 1 Here is a test of the smaller hanger lighting. I think it looks better than what was seen on TMP. I also added the hanger door on the larger hanger on the right side. I will be adding a lit travel pod later on. This is the forward hanger as seen in TMP. 204294639 Overhead Module Lighting - 2 In TMP the rear hanger door appears to be lit in RED, so I added the apropriate LEDs. I would assume that the red lights are a warning to small craft that the doors are closed and no entry is permitted. 204294635 Overhead Module Lighting - 3 This is the lighting test for the Aft set of hanger decks. This side will be displayed with the right side hanger door open so the inside can be viewed. 204294636 Overhead Module Lighting - 4 I didn't want the lighting to be the exact same on both ends, so I added the green LEDs on this side for when the Hanger doors are in the opened position meaning it is clear to take off and/or land. In this case it would be in take off lighting with the chase lighting heading out of the hanger deck. 204294640 Overhead Module Lighting - 5 Here is a close up of the green lighting and yes I added some lighting to the shuttles that are in the launch area. 204294642 Main deflector - 6 Moving on to the main deflector housing, I wanted to set this piece so that it can be removed if necessary for any repairs to some of the electronics in the secondary hull. These magnets are quite strong and they will secure the housing to the ship. By next update I should have the ships wiring pretty much finished. See you next update. 204294638